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We are a lobbying group

Our objective is to have ‘Significant improvements on the A77(T)’.

By Significant improvements

We mean an upgrade to dual carriageway from Ayr’s Whitlett’s Roundabout south towards the ferry ports located at Cairnryan.

How the south bound ferry traffic gets routed onto the A75 via the A751.  We understand that this undertaking could never happen overnight, so this is why we are asking for it to be written into the Program for Government in documents such as the National Transport Strategy and Strategic Transport Projects Review II. 

Other aims
Are to have the speed limit from Symington to Bogend Toll returned  back to 70 mph from the current limit of 50mph. This limit was put in place prior to the safety works carried out under the £77m budget spend in 2008.

In the interim

Have major failures such as those at Marchburn Landslip and the one at Kennedy’s Pass repaired quicker as happens elsewhere in Scotland.

The A77 Action Group certainly welcomes the fact that Kennedy’s Pass is no longer restricted by a traffic light arrangement.  We also warmly welcome the fact that necessary repairs at the Marchburn landslip are now underway.

The Group however remains very concerned about all the sites laid out in the Transport Scotland’s South West Landslide Action Plan given the fact that there are so many situated on the A77. Glenapp near to Carlock House giving the most concern.


Methods of Campaigning
Social media (Facebook), Website, Public Meetings, Email, Letters, Postcards, Promotional activities at public events, Road side banners, Newspapers & Broadcast Media (Television & Radio), Meeting other agencies and any other interested party.


Next Meeting !

We will be at Stranraer Cattle Show


on Wednesday 31st July 2019 - in the Craft tent


In the mean time we are always on the look out for help with the day to day running of the group. Either email us or message us on facebook.